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Every once in a while someone comes along that I truly believe in and get excited about helping in any way I can. I’m so sold on them and the good they do in the world, I couldn’t be restrained from promoting them if I had to.

I thought I’d take a moment to introduce you to my most treasured friends and colleagues. Each is in a different place with his/her business. Some are still working on books. Others have complete suites of products. Keep your eye on them all. They’re going places with their innovative information and gifts to share with the world.

So without further adieu, I’ll introduce you to them in the order they appeared in my life. :)

Leslie Householder,

Leslie mentored me in the laws of abundant living back in 2001-2002. She transformed my life and her stellar material has transformed the lives of thousands more. Leslie and I have joint ventured on several projects, including live events. She’s always a joy to work with.



Phillip Davis,

I fondly refer to Phil as my “branding guy.” Phil has a unique ability to help you achieve clarity about who you are and what you offer the world and then package it with punch into a powerful brand. Visit his site or take his Radiant Branding course.



Lisa Rae Preston,

I don’t know anyone who thinks bigger than Lisa Rae Preston. She stretches the limits on what’s possible and she has amazing insights into how the creative mind works. Her STEP Into Destiny assessment and material is a bedrock fundamental I love to share with my audiences. If you haven’t taken the STEP Into Destiny test, run over and take it and uncover your core passion.



Judy Rankin Hansen,

Judy has been a personal mentor, introducing me to the power of meditation and imagery. I have grown closer to God and felt His love for me at a deeper level because of the spiritual insights Judy has shared with me. I highly recommend her book, “Trusting Spirit Now: Life Through the Eyes of an Energy Intuitive.”



Martina Muir, and

At the tender age of 17, Martina placed a baby for adoption. Her journey from darkness into light led her to the profound realization that “Who you are is not what you’ve done.” She’s gone on to become an international speaker, assisting birth mothers who are going through the adoption process.  Her books in the works include, “The Light Plan” and her own story, “Who You Are Is Not What You’ve Done.” Keep a lookout for these in the near future.


Carolyn Cooper, The SimplyHealed Method

Wow, I took Carolyn’s certification training last year and it transformed my life. Carolyn’s SimplyHealed method is cutting edge energy work that helps you create your own life, free of the limiting and false beliefs that may have held you back in the past. Whether you’re struggling with something physical, emotional or spiritual, SimplyHealed can work wonders.



Kirk Duncan, 3 Key Elements

I attended Kirk’s Body Language Show in Mesa in January 2011 with Leslie Householder. The following day we went to dinner and I was able to meet this man and get a feel for his vision and wisdom. Later in 2011, I took his Present Yourself training and was thrilled with the improvement in my presentation abilities. Kirk is so much more than body language and presentation training though. He is a builder of leaders with a grand vision for improving the planet by creating sound leaders who can light the way for others.


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