on target to reach a million twitter followers in 2 months

On Target to Reach a Million Twitter Followers in 2 Months


Have you ever wished you could reach lots more people than who are following you on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc? A little less than two months ago I began using a free collaborative marketing service that lets me reach other people's Twitter  followers with my message.

For example, I have a little over 4,800 Twitter followers, but in less than 2 months I've reached an additional 800,000 Twitter followers with my posts! Best of all, I didn't pay a dime to do it! (If I had wanted to reach even more people faster, there is a paid option, but I didn't use that.)

In this brief video I show you step-by-step how to boost your Tweets to other people's followers through the power of collaboration using CoPromote.


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* Note that these are my results based on my connections and my Twitter followers. Your results will vary depending upon how many followers you have, how actively you use the service. how much you share the service with others, and how engaging your boosted posts are.


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Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.


The Secret Ingredient to Effective Collaboration

If you want to amplify and leverage your success and influence, tap into the power of collaboration. Collaboration can be difficult for many, but when you realize what the secret ingredient to effective collaboration really is, it can get easier.

Regina Reiter of ForgivenessWalks.com once asked me this question in a Facebook group she runs, “Marnie also taught me about collaboration. Marnie, can you share something with us about the Principle of Love in collaboration?”

I love this question! Here’s my best attempt to explain in words the feelings I have about what I call, “quantum collaboration.”

In my experience, collaboration only “pops” synergistically when we first love ourselves and are grateful for the gifts and contribution we bring.

Competition Vs. Collaboration

Collaboration is the opposite of competition. With competition, someone tends to get torn down or “loses,” whereas collaboration builds everyone and everything up.

Competition often happens because we see what we bring as insufficient or “less than.” We’re comparing and competing for a limited piece of pie. It often brings with it jealousy, animosity, ill-feelings (doesn’t have to, but it can).

There’s probably nothing intrinsically wrong with competition … for example, in sports the drive to excel creates better performances. In business it can help create better products/services.

I look at collaboration as a “higher law” and competition as a lower one. Sort of how the law of Moses for ancient Israel was comprised of very nit-picky rules, and Jesus came in and encapsulated it all with, “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

When love is present, everything falls into place, grows and flourishes. When true collaboration takes place everyone wins.

quantum collaborationQuantum collaboration occurs when genuine love for ourselves is present and an acknowledgement, appreciation and valuing of the beauty and brilliance of everyone else at the table. It’s an understanding that your gifts are my gifts and my gifts are your gifts when we come together in love, unity and a desire to create win-win solutions for everyone … especially those we serve.

It’s like a symphony. The flutist isn’t resentful she’s not the cellist. The musician who plays the trumpet isn’t upset that he’s not playing the clarinet. “It’s like a symphony just keep listening and pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part.  Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies in each one of us, oh, it’s glorious” (from Glorious, performed by David Archuleta)

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Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Co-Creating with God: When Something Feels Off

A few months ago I was collaborating with someone on a fun project. This was no ordinary project. It was one that could affect the trajectory of my life. We were excited and had lots of energy and passion about the idea. My fellow collaborator and I could see the end quite vividly. We began brainstorming and having conversations about the details and were jazzed about the possibilities. Honestly, we were having a blast. I hadn’t had so much fun in years. We were both so engaged with the idea that we barreled forward like a freight train.

Yet, in the back of my mind, occasionally there would be a niggling doubt, a feeling like perhaps this wasn’t the ideal person for me to be working with on such a project. There was nothing wrong with the person that I could see, but if I was going to collaborate on this level, there needed to be a lot of compatibility. Something just felt off. But I pushed that aside because there was so much that was right. We could see and visualize so many possibilities together, that I ran forward, fueled by my enthusiasm.

Then one day, we hit a little snag in our plans — nothing big, just a bit of a disappointment. We both stepped back from the situation and from our interactions with each other. It took me no more than 24 hours of stepping back to realize that this collaboration wasn’t going to work. I experienced an overwhelming knowing that this wasn’t the right project, the right person, or the right time. The interesting thing is, the other person received the same clarity of insight, and we amicably went our separate ways.

I asked myself, “How could we both be so engaged, interested and excited about something and then lose interest literally overnight?” I think sometimes our own emotions and passions become so intense that hearing the subtle whispering of the Spirit is like trying to taste a piece of bread while eating a jalapeño.

For me, in this experience, the whispering of the Spirit sounded like occasional doubts, uncertainties, or a feeling that I was missing some important information. In my excitement for the project, I had begun filling in pieces to the puzzle with my own imagination, without waiting to fill them in with facts or a better understanding of my collaborative partner. I was making a lot of assumptions, but deep down, my spirit knew I was filing in gaps. My spirit knew there were compatibility issues that would cause us problems down the road.


Stop eating the jalapeño long enough to taste the realities of the bread. When you do, you’ll either decide you’re on the right track or it will become obvious that you aren’t.

What did I learn from this situation? Lots of things. The lesson I’d like to emphasize here is the power and perspective obtained by stepping back from a situation. If you’re heading down a road that feels fun and exciting but you have some reservations, step back. Stop eating the jalapeño long enough to taste the realities of the bread.  When you do, you’ll either decide you’re on the right track or it will become obvious that you aren’t.

Thank heavens the creative process isn’t instantaneous. If it was, we’d all create a lot of things we really don’t want in life!

Honestly, in my situation, I believe God intervened. He wasn’t going to let me make a decision that would adversely affect the trajectory of my life. Stay aligned with God; listen to the little warning signals. Pay attention to the counsel of friends who love you and see things you can’t see. Step back, take your time. There is no hurry on the creative plain.

Have you ever had a similar experience with stepping back?

About Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Online Business Revealed

Sue Painter and Marnie PehrsonThe online marketing landscape is changing. Anyone who’s been in business online for any length of time knows that what worked yesterday isn’t working as well today. Technology is always changing and there are new tools and resources available.

It can be tough for entrepreneurs to keep up with it all. What REALLY works for small business owners TODAY? And what do small business owners really think of some of the deals they are offered by other internet marketers?

Sue Painter and I love to chat on Facebook about what’s working in our businesses, what has been a total failure, and how we really feel about life and work. In a conversation last week we decided to take it public – ALL of it. Welcome to the Marnie and Sue Peep Show – two successful internet marketer’s unscripted chats about the good, the bad, the ugly and the sad of being a small business owner.

In our first video chat we talk about:

  • Whether participating in collaborative books is worth it.
  • Why we think live events and social media can help you grow your business.
  • How to keep from being so hard on yourself and how we make self-care a priority.
  • What’s is it like to see your multiple six-figure business literally disappear overnight due to a change in Google? (This actually happened to one of us and you’ll hear about it in the first Peep Show episode. 

We’re brutally honest, pulling back the curtains and chatting for 15 minutes to half an hour every week. No holds barred. And we’ll answer your questions, too, by the way.

Want to play? Here’s where you go to register and we’ll send you a time each week when you can join us live. If you can’t make it we’ll send you the link to watch later, too.

About Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Want to Be an Influence For Good? Here’s How…

What do you believe so strongly that it ripples through your life and business?

I believe we succeed best in creating a rippling impact for good when we’re fully connected to Christ. When His light/love is radiating through you, you’re like a conduit. You become very attractive and people are drawn to you. If you’re clear about who you are, who you serve, and what you do, you can have an amazing impact for good on the planet. Practically speaking, marketing and visibility becomes simpler as well because you’re tapping into a supernatural communication system that draws people to you.

It’s also easier to collaborate with others because there’s no judgment, jealousy, or need to be something you’re not. Unity becomes simple and powerful. You can let others be themselves while you are yourself. The real power of influence happens when we work synergistically with other like-minded individuals to co-create, collaborate and cross-pollinate.

This is my objective with IgnitePoint — to bring together a group of Christ-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to create a combined rippling impact for good on the planet. I hope you’ll join us!

About Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Create Your Own Inner Circle of Supportive Relationships

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From the time I started my business 23 years ago, I have been richly blessed with a collection of beautiful, talented and good-hearted people: customers who turn into friends, colleagues who transformed into confidants. 

Connected, supportive relationships form the foundation of an amazing life.

Sometimes people tell me they’ve been badly burned in relationships, had their hearts broken, and struggle to know who to trust. I can honestly say that I could count on one hand the relationships in my life that have gone sour. In fact, it wouldn’t even take all the fingers on that hand.

Those troubled connections were formed before I learned important lessons about relationships. 

The Relationship Model

Napoleon Hill Relationship Model Napoleon Hill talked about how we have levels of relationships extending like concentric circles around us.  A good understanding of this model helps you keep relationships healthy. Here’s how it works. 

Acquaintances: The people in the outer circle are acquaintances. You’re nice to them, but you don’t open up as much of your heart with them. They don’t get as much of your time or energy.

Colleagues & Customers: The next closest circle is people who have earned their way into a closer relationship with you. They get a little bit more of your energy and time.

Friends: Your friends and associates are next. They get a bit more of your heart, energy and time.

Close Friends: In the next circle, you have those who are your closest friends, loved ones and confidants.  You share the most with these people and they have more of your heart, time and energy.

You and God: Finally the innermost circle is just you and God. Nobody else goes inside that circle. There are things that you don’t share with anyone but God. You keep this space sacred.

The biggest place I see people mess up is giving outer circle people, inner circle privileges. In other words, we’re giving people greater access to our hearts, time and energy than they have yet earned.

But how do you decide who to let into your inner circle? First of all, they earn their way in in some way. But even then, the fact is two perfectly good people can make a mess when they’re together.

The biggest lesson I learned was to delineate the people I click with versus those I’m probably going to clash with. By identifying the difference early, I can keep the potential clash relationships in my outer circle. Through time and trust-building, I bring the people I resonate with into my inner circle.

Trust any warning bells that go off in your mind. If something tells you a relationship feels off, there is a problem.  Either address it and work it through, or take the signal as a clue not to pursue that relationship at a deeper level. Keep the individual in an outer circle, be nice to them, but give them less of your time, heart and energy.

By learning to identify the people with whom you resonate and building relationships of trust with them, you can forge a strong circle of close confidants who support you through any challenge.

Jane Austen described so well the way I feel about my inner circle of friends:

There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” (Northanger Abbey).

I’m so grateful for the amazing people God continually sends my way… especially those who have impacted me so significantly that my life pivots around their entrance into my life. Whether we still stay in contact a lot, a little, or rarely, I love them still and always will.

I’ll be talking more about how to build your circle of supportive relationships in my next “How to Create Your Own Amazing Life” Workshop. Sign up by the end of today (Valentine’s Day) and you’ll also get 4 of my Southern romance novels just for fun! Click here for details.


About Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

How to Attract Ideal, Connected and Supportive Relationships

I’ve been advising entrepreneurs to be themselves for years. It’s a fantastic marketing strategy. Most likely there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people doing the same work that you do in the world. What makes you stand out is YOU! The more YOU that you can be. the better.

This isn’t only true of attracting and forging strong customer bonds. It’s also a true principle for fostering other types of relationships whether they are in our families, in friendships or in romantic relationships. Being fully and authentically you takes less energy and insures that you’re bringing the people into your life who are best for you.

Now that I’ve said that, I’d like to clarify one thing. Being YOU does not mean you have no need for self-improvement. It doesn’t mean that you can keep all your bad habits, annoying behaviors, dishonesty or lazy tendencies and attract good things into your life.

As James Allen said, we do not attract what we want. We attract what we are. If you want to improve your relationships, improve you. You might say, “Well, Marnie, you’re telling me to be someone I’m not. This is just the way I am.” I don’t believe that’s true. I believe that at the core, each of us are divine beings of light with unique talents, strengths, and potential.

Anything that is less-than-ideal (say a bad habit), is simply a black blob on your glowing ball of light. It’s a foreign object. Remove it, and you’ll glow all the brighter. The brighter you shine, the more high quality, supportive and radiant relationships you’ll attract.

Remember, the real you is a glowing ball of light. So I’d like to modify my initial advice to “The more you can be your highest and best self, the better.”

The thing is, we all have black blobs, and we always will. Removing them has been a quest of a lifetime for me. In fact, when something presses my hot button (let’s say someone says or does something and my reaction is instant anger, irritation, or depression), the first thing I realize is that I’ve just run into a black blob on my glowing ball of light. This is a chance to self-reflect and ask myself,

What is this about? Why am I reacting this way? What in me is less than light?”

Once I identify the root cause, I can remove it. From that point forward, my reactions to similar stimuli change.

3 Tools for Identifying and Removing Black Blobs on Your Glowing Ball of Light

I use three primary tools to help me identify black blobs and remove them.

I ask myself questions. After some self-reflection time, the answers will often surface. It helps to review your life for other times you had a similar reaction. The pattern you observe can help you identify the cause. Acknowledging the root cause and why you’re reacting in that fashion, can create a shift and release the negative energy. I specifically ask God to take it away, and He does!

Becoming certified in Carolyn Cooper’s SimplyHealed MethodTM has been priceless in helping me quickly identify and energetically remove the root of black blobs in myself and others. It’s fast, painless, and simply. The great thing is it doesn’t require digging back through the trash heap and stirring up old memories or inflaming old wounds.

Get a second set of eyes on the subject. I either enlist the help of a friend or fellow energy worker. For example, I have a good friend whom I trust implicitly. She’s been my honest, compassionate sounding board who is willing to help me identify my black blobs. In fact, the other day we spent a couple hours on the phone, each of us sharing our concerns and helping each other identify false beliefs or old patterns, remove them, and craft positive replacements.

Everyone Needs a FriendAt the end of the call, I said, “We’re like two monkeys picking the fleas off of one another.” She cracked up and admitted it was true. Everybody needs a friend they can trust enough to pick the fleas off. I hope you have one!

Please remember, you are a glowing ball of light and love. That is who God created you to be. Any action, reaction or habit that is less than that is simply an indicator of a black blob. Identify and remove the black blob and you’ll shine all the brighter. The brighter you shine (the more YOU you are) the more beautiful, loving, kind and supportive relationships you’ll draw into your life.

If you’re ready to forge an amazing life filled with these types of rejuvenating relationships, please join me for my next How to Create Your Own Amazing Life Workshop. I’ll specifically be teaching you how to attract connected, loving relationships that support and encourage your dreams.

About Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Mark Your Calendar for December 3, 4 and 5th!

I love a good sale. But a great sale (one where you get such an incredible deal that you just have to phone someone up to tell them about it) I adore! They’re rare but when you find a great sale, you know you’re going to make yourself a very happy customer.

I believe the best Cyber Monday sale you’re going to find isn’t a new tech gadget that will be out of date by the end of the year. No, it’s something that will last much longer, and actually put money in your bank account this year — and that’s why I’m participating in it.

On Cyber Monday I’ll be a part of 3 Day Bundle – one of those rare great sales you’ll be high-fiving yourself for buying. 3 Day bundle is a deeply discounted educational bundle of online trainings, tailored for the Entrepreneur. Imagine getting 10 online courses from the biggest names in the entrepreneur world for only $148! Yes, you read that correctly! If I spend that much on a single course, I’m stoked! But to get 10? Well, that’s just a great sale.

3 Day Bundle

This sale focuses on Building a Better Business in 2014. Whether you want to dramatically increase your sales skills, create a killer marketing plan or build a Facebook Ad campaign that actually works, or many other important skill sets needed to run a profitable business, this bundle has got you covered. Each course will add new revenue streams (or improve) to your business, and give you different ways to connect with your customers.

Here’s a list of what’s in the bundle and who is involved:



  • Cracking the Code: Build a Facebook Revenue Machine by Adam Spiel ($497)
  • Get the YES! The Essential No-Stress Guide to Turning Prospects into Paying Clients by Carolyn Herfurth ($197)
  • Marketing Mastery by Michelle McCullough ($97)
  • Create a Wow Book Audio Program by Marnie Pehrson ($197)
  • The Soul Vision Marketing System by Angela Johnson ($297)
  • Releasing the Brakes by Sean Smith ($376)
  • Making Love & Money Work: Relationship course for Entrepreneurs by Dino and Shannon Watt ($197)
  • The Business Blueprint by Brandon Allen ($97)Get Yours at 3 Day Bundle


About Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Quantum Collaboration at Its Finest: Sweet Lorraine

I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face for three reasons:

1) this is such a touching story

2) This is the embodiment of EXACTLY what I mean by Quantum Collaboration and

3) This is what I want to do for Light Bearers. I want to come alongside them and help them make their dreams come true, help them express those deepest messages of their hearts and get them out there blessing others.

I hope it blesses you as much as it has me.


About Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.

Why Settle For Money When You Can Have Infinitely More?

I believe there is an unseen network connecting Light Bearers. Through this network your desires and intentions are communicated. The clearer you are about what you need or desire, the more serendipitous circumstances will align to bring you the exact resources, knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your objectives.

I’ll give you an example, I’ve been going through a major personal transition, and there is a song that has been with me the whole time … helping me retain the vision of where I’m going and what my new life can be. On the exact day I made the transition to my new life, a pianist friend posted a song to his Facebook wall. It was a gorgeous instrumental arrangement he’d performed of my “theme song.” I’m sure he had no clue why he felt he should post it for free that day.

I grabbed it and immediately fell in love with it. By the next afternoon, it was no longer available. It was as if “something” told him to post that song just for me on my pivotal day.

I’ve loaded this song and some others to a “soundtrack” I use as I’m creating my Joyful Life BluePrint Journal this month. To me, this cannot be coincidence. It’s a little tender mercy from God. My pianist friend is so adeptly attuned to this communication network that he heard and acted upon inspiration that sent a priceless message to me that

a) I am known,

b) I am loved,

c) My dreams are what God wants for me.

This vast invisible communication network frequently brings me synergistic friendships. This is when a person has the skills or knowledge I need and I have what they need. In these instances when there’s a feeling of like-minded kinship, I would much rather engage in Quantum Collaboration than a monetary exchange.

Some experts advise against barter, but I don’t really consider this barter. Quantum Collaboration isn’t retail for retail. It’s not keeping score. It happens when two people care for and value one another and want to see each other succeed. It happens when there is a synergy and a symbiotic relationship.

Recently, a lady wanted to hire me to do some book launch consulting with her. After interacting with her for a few weeks, I realized there was potential for Quantum Collaboration. She is an ideal mentor for me on a specific business goal I have, plus she has an audience I want to reach with my message.

I found myself suggesting that we forego the monetary exchange and use our gifts to help each other achieve our goals. This isn’t something I’d normally do with a book launch because they are so much work, but in this case it made sense. This morning as I was thinking about this, a part of me thought perhaps I was letting my heart rule my head. After all, cash is always a nice thing. Why did my gut tell me to forget the money and go for the Quantum Collaboration?

fishingThe answer came in this proverb: “Feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

When I engage in a monetary transaction, all I get is money. I get a fish for the day. But when heaven sends me a mentor who can guide me in the exact direction I need to go next and I’m qualified to mentor them in the area they need to go next, I’d be downright crazy to settle for money. A quantum collaboration is such a richer exchange. I’ll come away with increased connections, new relationships, a deeper friendship, leverage to a wider audience and the exact mentoring I need to increase my revenues and “feed” my family for years to come.

Why settle for a few thousand dollars now, when the exchange holds within it tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, or even millions?

Find out how to leverage Quantum Collaboration in your own business

About Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author and marketing and social media consultant specializing in digital content creation and Facebook Ad Management. Get a FREE 20-minute strategy session with Marnie here.