The Science of Energy Work

There’s quite a few misconceptions about energy work aka “energy healing.”  Some people are afraid of it and consider it “of the devil.” Others say it’s “woo woo” and roll their eyes. Others find it mystical or perhaps intriguing. Then there’s people like me who see it as logical and scientific.

energyIn my opinion we should take the mysticism and even the spiritual or “religious” element out of energy work. It’s not necessary to explain it and usually leads to more misconception than clarity.

We know from science that everything is made up of energy. We can’t see energy with our naked eyes, but if we have an electron microscope we can. Quantum physicists say that everything comes down to a small unit of energy called quanta. Everything is made of quanta – plants, animals, rocks, dirt, metal, air, and humans. Quanta are in all things and through all things.

toddler walkingAs energetic beings, we have the ability to move, reroute, and manipulate energy. When a baby comes into the world, she moves her arms and legs. She’s moving energy particles in the process. When she becomes a toddler and walks from the couch to the coffee table to pick up her sippy cup and drink some juice, she’s moving energy. She’s affecting the energy in her own body, in the air between her and her goal, in the cup, in the juice, and now her body as it’s processing the energy of the juice.

As she grows older and wants to take piano lessons, she asks her father for lessons. Perhaps funds are tight, and he can’t get her lessons right when she asks. But she sets the intention of learning to play the piano, plunks around on the instrument’s keys in her living room, and continues to hope for the opportunity to learn. In a few months, her father gets a new client in his business and uses the increased income to enroll his little girl in piano lessons.

In the process the little girl has influenced her father, his business, AND the person who became his client. AND she’s attained her objective. Did her intention, desire and belief play into the client’s needs? Or the client’s ability to pay for the father’s services? How far reaching in moving energy is the little girl’s desire?

Can you see that we are born energy movers? It’s what we were created to do. There are many ways to move energy — perhaps as diverse as the individual, but all with the fundamental principles of intention, specificity, a request, belief in the outcome, acting, and letting go of the outcome.

The best analogy I’ve discovered for how energy moves is gardening / landscaping. Let’s compare your intention (or goal) to a seed. Some seeds grow and others do not. Some intentions lead to results, others do not. In addition to the clarity of your intention, your request, your belief, and your action, there are two other things you need — a good seed and rich, well-prepared soil!

If you had the choice to plant a bean seed in one of the following locations, which would you select and why?

  • on top of a tree stump,
  • in a nest of briars,
  • in a grassy, weedy area,
  • in tilled, good earth?

You’d choose the latter, wouldn’t you? Why? Because there’s nothing obstructing its growth there. It will have the greatest chance of bearing fruit.  The same goes with your intentions or goals. If you plant your intention in an energetic field of

  • false beliefs,
  • past trauma,
  • negative generational patterns,
  • doubt, fear, and other low-energy emotions

what will be the likelihood of your intention bearing fruit?

But what if you plant it in an energy field that has nothing to stand in its way? Now you’ll increase your chances of success and expedite the process as well.

That is what energy workers do. They move the obstructions out of the way and help you craft clear, concise intentions so you can then move forward and take proactive action toward the results you desire. They aren’t sorcerers or magicians. They can’t make you do anything, but they can help you clear the ground.

I live on a larger-than-average parcel of land which includes a field that leads to a creek. That field gets overgrown every summer. If I want to be able to walk to the creek, I have to clear the field. If someone tried to clear it by hand, it would take a month or more. With my brother-in-law’s old tractor, it would take about a week because he’d have to stop and fix punctured tires or broken blades on his attachments. One year I hired a man with a $75k John Deere tractor to clear 10 acres. It took him 2 hours in his air conditioned cab to wiz right over the property and clear it. It was fun to watch and got me results faster than anyone else ever had. I was happy to pay him the $500 for this service.

Cleaning up your energy field so that you can get to where you want to go is very similar. There are lots of ways to do it, but there are some people who have been trained and are equipped to get the job done in a faster, cleaner, more painless way.

I hope this little analogy helps you better understand what is happening when an energy worker helps someone. Just because the “dirt, weeds, briars and stumps” in the landscape of your energetic field are not visible to the naked eyes, doesn’t mean they are any less real, or any less debilitating. Those who know how to move them are offering a valuable service — just like the man with his John Deere tractor offered me in clearing my field.

You may learn more about energy therapy here.


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  1. I love this analogy. It makes sense and is easy to understand. I have been so fortunate to learn to clear energy fields. It is awesome and those around me are healing. It appears to be a miracle to them but I know I am just using the Lord’s Laws of Nature to assist in healing. I will forever be grateful for the Lord clearing the way for me to take these classes. I am also thankful for LaRee and my classmates who held my hand thru this process.

  2. Thank you for this article. It is helpful even to someone like myself that believes in energy work or healing. Love the gardening analogy as I am a gardener and often see relationships about life in gardening. I would like to share this with others to help them understand as well. Thank You.

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  4. I’m so glad I read this post. It makes so much sense. I’m a Christian and have been taught this is metaphysical, but I’ve been rethinking a lot of things lately and it only makes sense that God created us as energy movers. Period. It has nothing do with metaphysics, woo-woo or anything else, it’s the way we were wonderfully made. To ignore it doesn’t make it any less true. To work with it is life changing. Thanks Marnie! By the way, I’m enjoying your books that I learned about at NAMS.

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