Why We Often Feel Tested On the Things We’re Teaching Others

Many of us have been sharing our messages with the world and have seen some success, but then hit a snag where we feel like we’re being tested on the very thing we’re teaching. It almost feels like going back to square one. Why does this happen? If this has happened to you (or is happening to you). You are not alone. It’s all part of the what I call the “Light the World Process.”

Did you know there’s an actual process one goes through to light the world? It’s true. It’s predictable. Knowing where you are in the process helps you navigate more proactively toward your goal of impacting the world with the message, love and light God is sharing with others through you.

Step into your destiny as one of God’s chosen light-bearers! This brief video will show you how…

I’d love to hear from you and where you feel you are in the process and your experiences.

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  1. Oh, I love the prism picture! Rainbows everywhere – it’s how I have always seen life – rainbows in the air, in the garden, in my head. LOL I want to BE a rainbow, I think! This is a beautiful talk, Marnie! Thank YOU for being so transparent!

  2. As always, breath of fresh air, Momma Marnie—giving me the lift of hope to not get lost in the fog. Thanks for the encouragement–it worked!! Loves!

  3. Oh, my dear friend! It seems you are just one step ahead of me on this journey and as you write, I am in the phase you just came out of. =) Thank you SO much for sharing the things you are learning. I am in that phase right now. And yet, since I have focused on sharing light and seeing dots light up all over the world, new opportunities are opening up. I am facing some fears right now that i know i can do. Still scared, but know what a huge gift it will be on the other side, so I calm my fears and focus on the outcome. I am excited to share light with the world!

    How grateful I am for you! You are beautiful, kind and wonderful! I am blessed to be your friend!

  4. I was just talking with my sister about how the minute I think I have learned something it feels like God says, O.K. Janette lets find out if you really have learned this or not, and I am tested on it again. I know I do have a message to share. Thank you for your message today, and being a light bearer!

  5. Hi Marnie…I love your message and your encouragement. What a sweet metaphor or analogy, with the crystal. You do such good work. Yes, those old familiar road blocks can be so demoralizing. I am actually feeling one as I write, so your encouragement was perfectly timed for me. Sooooo, I will dig deep to do what I have learned, and I will proceed. Thanks for your “light” message. I am grateful that you are in my life. As always….. Sincerely, Tina K.

  6. Thank you so much for this. I am right there dealing with transparency and feeling like I am being tested on the very things that I teach. Something in me wouldn’t allow me to stop so I knew there was something more ahead but I couldn’t articulate what I was experiencing. You brought clarity to my situation and have encouraged me to continue on even more.

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