My Favorite Summer Sandwich


Yum! Here’s one of my favorite summer sandwiches…


avocado tomato pita






baby dill (optional)

on a wheat pita

with a smidgen of Ranch



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Is Your Online Business Missing This Important Ingredient?


I’ve been talking to Light Bearers lately (folks who have a transformational method, system or message to share with the world) and I’ve been surprised at how many of them…

a) Are re-inventing themselves.

b) Aren’t sure what their niche is.

c) Don’t have a good lead generator on their Web site to get people on their mailing lists.

I’ll save items a and b for a future blog post, but for this one I’d like to zone in on the lead generator. A lead generator is something that you give people to get them on your mailing list.

are people excited to follow youThe days of “subscribe to my newsletter” are long gone. Hardly anyone is going to deliver up their name and email address to you for your newsletter. Heck, most people aren’t even doing newsletters anymore because no one reads them… At best they’ll “save them for later” and never get back around to them.

People are on information overload so whatever you offer them has to be incredibly tantalizing. I’ve been doing Facebook Ad Management for clients lately and it’s easy to track “conversions” with Facebook (if you know what you’re doing). By that, I mean, you can tell when someone fills out a form and reaches the download page for the free giveaway.

Instant downloadables work best. Webinars and telecalls are okay, but they don’t convert as well as things that offer instant gratification. Some examples of this are:

  • An Ebook that answers a pressing question
  • A Blueprint that shows your visitors how to do something they need to know.
  • An audio that offers clear benefits and offers a solution to a need.
  • A report that teaches or explains something your niche needs to know.

I think the reason why most Light Bearers don’t have lead generators is because they don’t know what the giveaway should be. They aren’t sure what to put in the giveaway. They don’t want to give away too much, but they also need to give away enough.

If you need help crafting your lead generator, consider having me create it for you! To find out more, go to my Done-For-You Lead Generator Service.

Are You Caught in Emotional Quicksand?


Have you ever been caught in quicksand? No, I’m not talking about the phenomenon found in nature. I’m talking about emotional quicksand, where one thing goes wrong and then another and then another, until you become paralyzed… you’re in over your head and you don’t know how to find your way back out.

In the movie, “The Replacements,” Keanu Reeves character explains this so well. (Btw, if the S word is problematic for you, don’t watch this clip, it’s in there several times).

I saw this clip today and thought, THAT’s it … THAT’s it… THAT’s what it’s like when you  get caught in that toilet-flushing spiral. You feel like there is no way to turn things around. Your thoughts become your worst enemy, and you can’t seem to believe or hope that life could possibly get better.

A lot of us get caught in emotional quicksand and it can be downright terrifying. But there is a way out. There is hope. Let me throw you a lifeline…

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I Look To You


My sister told me about Amy Perry’s weight-loss story and introduced me to Selah’s version of the song, “I Look to You.”  I love Amy’s story because it illustrates three principles I’ve found to be true in my own life:

- Any dream we choose to co-create with God activates a power beyond our own, to make the impossible possible.

- God will prompt other people to reach out and help you with your dream.

- In order to release the weight, we often need to let go of old baggage and emotions that we’re carrying. They go together. The mindset and the emotions are every bit as important as the exercise or the food we eat…. probably more so.

I hope you enjoy Amy’s story and her amazing voice as she sings this inspiring song, “I Look to You.”

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Finding the Light Again


I spent the day with my good friend, Judy Hansen, author of “Trusting Spirit Now.” Judy is one of those rare individuals who brings heaven to earth just being in her presence. I call her my “heavenly mother” because she has a natural gift for making you feel loved and cared for.

Today, she was my angel. To be honest, I’ve been floundering of late, not really feeling myself, struggling to stay in the light. Buckling down to serious work or feeling the need to “Light the World” has been the last thing on my mind. Frankly, this isn’t all that unusual for me in the summer months. For several years now, I’ve taken a rest in the summer, and I think I’ve trained my mind to forget about business when the summer sun arrives. Habits are hard to break.

But this summer’s had some added components which eventually culminated in a less-than-ideal weekend. I wasn’t feeling too hot. I almost cancelled on Judy. I was about to ask her to come a different day, but decided I’d stick to plan.

I’m incredibly grateful I did, because by the time she drove away 7 hrs later, I felt as if someone had breathed new life into me. Ironically she was here for consulting, but in the process of helping her, she helped me even more.

Through her visit, something significant shifted in me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My amnesia had lifted, and I remembered who I am and what I’m about. More importantly, I remembered how it feels to tap into something higher, nobler and divine.

butterfly in handThe last thirty minutes she was here, a butterfly kept lighting on my hands and on my legs. It felt like I’d made a new friend. I asked Judy to look up “butterfly totems” on her phone to see what the message of the butterfly is.

Butterflies may come into your life when you are going through important, unexpected changes. They symbolize:

  • Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life and personality
  • Moving through different life cycles
  • Renewal, rebirth
  • Lightness of being, playfulness
  • Elevation from earthly matters, tuning into the emotional or spiritual
  • The world of the soul, the psyche

See Spirit Animal Info for a full description

This was a perfect metaphor for where I am in my life and what happened to me today. I feel as if I’ve been reborn; and all it took was a day with a friend who gets me, who believes in me, and who reminds me who I am by who she is.

We all go through tough times, and almost every Light Bearer experiences bouts of occasional amnesia – especially when we’re in the “rest phase.” I hope you have a good friend who helps you remember who you are. Friends like this are priceless treasures.

Are you struggling to find clarity or feel connected to your greatness? We all struggle to find the light at times. If you know what I mean, I hope you’ll join me for my upcoming Webinar Wednesday, June 9th:

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Shhhh… The Meaning of Life Is Simple


I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life analyzing the world, what makes people tick, attempting to discover the whys and wherefores of life. Looking for the patterns in the chaos.  I’ve gotten some incredible insights and understanding along the way. Yet, lately I’ve been questioning the questioning. Is all that analysis necessary?

I was out for a drive this morning and asked myself a couple questions:

What if spirituality is as simple as giving whatever doesn’t serve you to Jesus and letting it go?

I mean really letting it go. Stop the activities that no longer serve you and let go of the guilt, the shame and the blame. After all, He’s got it now – right?

What if the meaning of life is as simple as to love deeply, to bring love wherever you go – your home, your family, your work, your friends and colleagues, or even the grocery store clerk?

As this thought entered my mind, I immediately thought of my Granny. I can’t recall that she spent her days analyzing the world or trying to save it. But she loved with all she had. It oozed out her fingertips into her food. It radiated from her eyes and her lips in her smile. Everybody loved Granny, because Granny loved everybody.

What if the secret to a happy life is loving like Granny did?

At the thought, a warm feeling of peace swept over me. I felt a resounding YES from God, angels and any heavenly hosts who may have been in the vicinity of my car. YES, love like Granny did. Focus on your family, make them feel loved and cherished, bring all the love you have and are to those around you.

In my quest for an amazing life, I am coming to understand that it is the simple things. The ordinary day-to-day acts of kindness, the kind smiles from twinkling eyes, and the warm hugs from loving arms are what make life incredible.

Even when cash flow is tight, your life can be amazing. Even when there are challenges and worries, life can be amazing – if there is LOVE.


Yummy Dill Chicken Salad


I’m a bit of a chicken salad connoisseur. If I’m eating lunch at a new restaurant and they have chicken salad on the menu, 9 times out of 10 I’ll order it. I guess I’m on a quest for the perfect chicken salad.

My all-time favorite chicken salad was at the Flying Star in Albuquerque, NM. It’s this yummy dill chicken salad that knocks it completely out of the park.

chicken salad on pitaI’ve worked on my own chicken salad recipe and integrated the dill. It may not be as good as Flying Star, but this chicken salad is pretty dang good, even if I say so myself.

First, I boil 2 chicken breasts, let them cool, then shred, and dice them.

Then put in 1 stalk celery, diced. 2 slices of Vidalia onion, diced Red grapes cut in half and Fresh baby dill (a couple sprigs diced) Low fat Mayonnaise Salt/Pepper Chill/serve.

I like mine served on whole wheat pita or pocket bread. Enjoy!

Btw, having the energy you need and the body you want doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself. It’s as simple as making healthy choices. For me it meant getting in touch with the big vision for my life … that dream that keeps me up at night … and integrating my healthy body into that goal. Join me for my Create Your Amazing Body Workshop this summer and you’ll get a FREE private 50-minute belief shifting session with me. We’ll move any of the energetic and mindset blocks out of the way so you have a clear pathway to achieving your amazing body. Join me here

Are You Suffering from the Savior Complex?


I’ve suffered from it, my clients seem to experience it, maybe you have too… it’s The Savior Complex. At first blush, you might say, “No way! I know who the Savior is and I’m not Him.” But take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

- When my children experience major setbacks, do I feel like a failure as a parent? Do I blame myself for their mistakes, emotionally flogging myself for long periods of time?

muscles- When I see other people making mistakes, do I feel an intense need to help them fix their lives?

- Do I spend a lot of time wanting good things for others that they don’t seem to want for themselves?

- Do I take a lot on my shoulders because, “no one else will do it and somebody has to?”

- Do I feel like it’s not hard for me to take on more because I seem to be able to handle it better than others?

- Do I step in to fix things for my children, rather than letting them work through consequences?

- Do I feel uneasy about consulting or coaching clients because I really want them to get results and when they don’t I feel responsible?

- Do I feel like I must continue to fix my children’s problems once they are grown and out of the house?

- Do the challenges and struggles that my friends and loved ones face take away my peace, causing hours of worry or anxiety?

- When I’m around people who are depressed or dealing with heavy issues, do I take on their problems and feel what they are feeling at a deeper level than other people seem to?

- Bottom line, am I owning other people’s stuff?

If any of these sound familiar, you may be suffering from the “Savior Complex.”  The first step to a cure is understanding that each person is responsible for his or her own life.

The only person you are responsible for long term is yourself. You aren’t on this planet to fix your spouse, your children, your friends, your customers or the world. The only person you have complete control over is you. If that’s true for you, then it’s true for everyone else.

I’ll be talking more about the Savior complex and helping you break through it in my “Breakthrough to Radiance Series” starting July 15th. If you’re going to leave the legacy you want, an important step is releasing the Savior Complex. If you don’t, you’ll soon be overburdened and the load will strain your health and diminish your light. Please join me for “Breakthrough to Radiance” Starting July 15th…


Life Affirmations from Dolphins


Surrounding us in nature are clues about how to live happy, abundant lives. Animals, in particular, can illustrate valuable character traits and ways of being that would benefit us to emulate.

Today I was reading about the character traits of dolphins and realized how powerful and transformative “dolphin affirmations” could be, so I put together this short little video. Take a minute to sit back and absorb the wisdom of dolphins.


dolphin affirmations

Top 7 Confidence Killers


If you want to be successful in life or business, you need confidence. It takes confidence to make decisions, to trust your gut, to take some of the riskier leaps that life and business require. If your confidence is shot, you hesitate, miss windows of opportunity, and remain stuck in no-win situations.

I’m sure you’ve seen a small baby learning to walk. Babies have immense confidence to keep on trying in spite of repeated failure. What happens to us between the time we learn to walk and when we become less-than-confident teens or adults? Getting down to WHY you’ve lost your confidence is the first step in regaining it. Here are the top seven confidence killers I see among my entrepreneurial clients.

1. We may lose confidence as children. If you grew up in a home that didn’t foster confidence, where you were belittled or berated for your choices, you may have never developed a healthy dose of confidence.


2. We may have experienced a blow to our confidence. Job losses, business failures, changes in the economy or the marketplace can all take a toll on confidence. If you made a big decision that didn’t work out, that could make you second guess yourself in the future.


3. We may have a genetic disposition to lower confidence levels. There is quite a bit of support for the concept that we carry in our cellular memories and genetic markers, not only physical characteristics but also emotional and psychological dispositions and traits. For example, if your great grandfather lost everything in the Great Depression and lost his confidence, his cellular memories could be passed down through your DNA.


4. Unhealthy relationships can undermine your confidence. I’ve seen strong decisive women marry manipulative, controlling or abusive men and lose their confidence. People who play  mind games with you can make you second guess yourself and lose faith in your own intuition. Some women in these situations never make it out. Those who do, must rebuild their confidence and learn to listen to their hearts and trust themselves again.


5. Our own self-talk can undermine confidence. If we constantly tell ourselves things like, “I don’t know how. I’m no good. I’m not smart. I can’t figure this out,” etc. we erode our confidence until it can become incredibly weak.


6. Did you know that our diets affect our confidence? It’s true. According to brain chemistry research, low Serotonin (the neurotransmitter of inner peace) can cause lower confidence levels and depression.

Eleanor Roosevelt

7. Worrying about what other people think can undermine your confidence. Everyone around you has an opinion. If you put too much stock in what other people are going to think or say, you can create a habit of constantly second guessing yourself, which erodes confidence.


In my upcoming class, “Become the Confident, Capable YOU and Watch Success Follow,” I’ll be using a combination of instruction and cutting-edge energy techniques to help you step into your confidence and overcome the 7 confidence-killers above. I hope you’ll join me!

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