In 1994, before the Web became a household word, Marnie Pehrson used online communities to sell information. She wrote her first book on “How to Run a Computer Training Business From Home,” uploaded excerpts to online forums and received regular checks in the mail.

In 1996, Marnie spotted the Internet wave and partnered with a friend, starting the first online mall and migrating her local clients to the Web. She drove traffic to client sites by building inbound links from informative articles, strategically placed on relevant web sites and ezines.

In 1998, Marnie set the trend for article marketing by creating, the first online article directory. The site became a SEO powerhouse, mentioned in almost every marketing book and resource.

In 2001, before “The Secret” gained its enthusiastic following, Marnie spotted the talent and genius of a young mother who understood abundance principles. Marnie invited Leslie Householder to be a part of her virtual conference. To leverage the opportunity, Marnie built Leslie’s first web site, taught her how to maintain it, and encouraged her to transform her ability to simplify complex concepts into books and online courses.

In 2004, when Kindle simply meant to “ignite a flame,” Marnie spotted the coming ebook trend and partnered with a romance novelist. She built her friend’s first web site and transformed her print books into ebooks. Together they started the Clean Romance Club, offering monthly ebooks to their fiction fans. By getting ahead of the ebook curve, Marnie’s friend has become one the top 5% grossing romance novelists.

In 2006, Marnie encouraged Leslie Householder to use the compelling nature of story to power a book teaching abundance principles. The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can climbed the charts as a bestseller.

In 2007, Marnie spotted the coming trend for contextual, viewer-specific advertising. By implementing it on, she built a multi-six-figure advertising business.

In 2009, Marnie foresaw the demise of article marketing and began warning people against blasting articles to 100’s of directories and spamming the web with duplicate material. Unfortunately, people didn’t listen. Thus ensued Google’s heavy penalties, ushering in the demise of user-fed content directories

In 2012, Marnie recognized the overload of information and choices paralyzing buyers. In response, she developed a new breed of information marketing.

In 2015, noting the power of Facebook advertising and the typical business person’s overwhelm with actually running ads, Marnie decided to offer a done-for-you Facebook Ad Management service. By bringing her considerable experience in content creation, online advertising and marketing funnel creation together, she’s able to offer quality, economical Facebook ad management services to her clients.


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