Relax, Be Yourself and Leave the
Legacy You Were Born to Leave


  • Do you long to make a rippling impact for good?
  • Picture yourself effortlessly showing up in all areas of your life in a way that lifts and builds everyone around you!
  • Imagine leaving all the stress behind and just BEing your highest and best self!


My friend, the fact is you ARE light! Anything that isn't light, isn't you! You were BORN to be a reflection and extension of Christ's light in the world. The only way to fully relax into YOU and make the difference you’re here to make is to get all the "gunk" out of the way and let Christ’s light shine through unobstructed!

That's why I've put together this collection of affirmations designed to help you release what’s standing in the way of you being a pure, clear conduit of God’s love and light. Combine them with prayer and wise choices and watch your life transform!

Whether it’s old false beliefs, pride, trauma from the past, or not forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes, these "black blobs on your glowing ball of light" can be removed and released to let the light shine through unobstructed.

I have recorded these affirmations and set them to Baroque music for optimal absorption. Listen to them daily and let them sink in! I'm also giving them to you in a PDF for easy reading. This PDF is handy if you'd like to re-record these powerful affirmations in your own voice or personalize them. (Note: If you do decide to re-use or re-record them, please do so for your own personal use, not for resale or inclusion in another product.)

It's Time for You to Shine! Get Your Copy Today!

"Become a Conduit of God's Love and Light"

5 Minute MP3 with PDF of Affirmations

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