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Recorded Energy Therapy Sessions on Specific Topics

analysis paralysisBreakthrough Analysis Paralysis

Nothing holds entrepreneurs back like decision-making paralysis. Obsessing over which path to take kills time and creativity and keeps you from making progress toward success. The answer? Fast decisions and fast action. But this is a challenge for many entrepreneurs.

In this audio we'll work through...

  • fear of regretting your decision later,
  • fear of picking one thing and missing out on all the other possibilities, 
  • fear of being disappointed in your choice, 
  • fear of suffering the ramifications of a wrong choice.

Many people suffer from decision paralysis because they were punished or judged for "wrong" decisions in the past.

If this is you, get this powerful energy-shifting module and breakthrough the fears associated with indecisiveness. In no time, you'll be making wise, swift, and informed decisions that keep you moving forward along the path to success.

Audio Length: 60 minutes
MP3 Audio recording and Affirmation PDF
Only $17

identify and attract ideal clients and customersIdentify and Attract Your Ideal Clients and Customers

This training includes a template and instruction on Identifying Your Ideal Clients and Customers. It goes a step further by including an energy session recording which connects you to those ideal clients and customers on an energetic level. Shift your mindset and your beliefs so you begin drawing the exact people you desire to work with to you.

Length: 90 minutes
Audio and video recordings and Ideal Customer/Client Attraction Template.

Men and Money Affirmationsmen and money affirmations

Could your men issues be linked to your money problems? As a single woman in the dating world, I started noticing a pattern in the men I dated. I could easily find men to date, but the relationships all ended with me feeling used to some degree. I felt as if I had incredible value and a lot to give, but these men just weren't seeing it. As I began exploring my men issues, a friend told me about the men-money connection, and I discovered I had over 80 false beliefs about men and money that were connected. I have created a 10-minute MP3 audio and PDF of these affirmations that are transforming my finances and love life. More info here.
Recorded Affirmations
Length: 10 minutes + PDF


radiate your true valueRadiate Your True Value: Command What You're Worth

Are you valuing yourself and your true worth? If not, it could be affecting your business and your bottom line. In this energy-shifting audio we'll connect you up to your value and release anything standing in the way of you accepting and feeling your true worth.

Length: 60 minutes
Audio Download and Handout



author breakthrough to creative freedomAuthors: Breakthrough to Creative Freedom

  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Do you feel like you don't have time to write?
  • Are you having a hard time focusing and notice yourself doing anything and everything but writing?
  • Do you look into the future and doubt whether your book will be good enough, whether people will buy it, etc?

Writer's block is well known and widely experienced. There are tips and tricks for breaking through writer's block -- like pulling out a notebook and just writing whatever comes to mind. Or taking a break and doing something completely different like playing music or taking a walk.

But sometimes these things just don't do the trick. Why?

Because what's stopping your flow of writing is a belief about yourself, your ideas, your writing skills, your readers or even the way the world works.

Getting down to the root of what is holding you back is critical. If you can eliminate the root issue, you'll clear that issue for not only the current book project, but any others you plan for the future.

Watch this Breakthrough To Creative Freedom Energy Session. I use cutting-edge energy moving and belief-shifting techniques (called the SimplyHealedTM Method) to clear up those past traumas, negative or false beliefs, and blocks that are standing in the way of you crafting, publishing and releasing your masterpiece.

This session is available to you in video and audio form as well as a PDF presentation with all the affirmations used in the session. You'll be able review the information again and again -- anytime you feel stuck.

This is an 80 minute video of an energy session that was delivered live.

Also the PowerPoint with all the Affirmations is included with an Audio Version of the Session as well. Click here to learn more.

Only $14

amp up the vibration on your businessAmp Up The Vibration on Your Business

80-minute energy session for your business. Did you know your business carries an energy? Past disappointments, conflicts or unresolved issues in your business can linger and create less-than-optimal results. We'll optimize the energy in your business, releasing any negativity, past upsets or trauma. Even web sites carry energy, and we'll optimize that too. Past upsets can also disconnect you from your business. If you aren't fully connected to your business or projects, results suffer. We'll reconnect you to your business and projects, and raise the vibration on your enterprise and web site... opening you up for optimal results and business growth.
Video, MP3 Audio recording and Affirmation PDF

Only $17

leave your legacyRelax, Be Yourself and Leave the
Legacy You Were Born to Leave

  • Do you long to make a rippling impact for good?
  • Picture yourself effortlessly showing up in all areas of your life in a way that lifts and builds everyone around you!
  • Imagine leaving all the stress behind and just BEing your highest and best self!

My friend, the fact is you ARE light! Anything that isn't light, isn't you! You were BORN to be a reflection and extension of Christ's light in the world. The only way to fully relax into YOU and make the difference you’re here to make is to get all the "gunk" out of the way and let Christ’s light shine through unobstructed!

That's why I've put together this collection of affirmations designed to help you release what’s standing in the way of you being a pure, clear conduit of God’s love and light. Combine them with prayer and wise choices and watch your life transform!

Whether it’s old false beliefs, pride, trauma from the past, or not forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes, these "black blobs on your glowing ball of light" can be removed and released to let the light shine through unobstructed.

I have recorded these affirmations and set them to Baroque music for optimal absorption. Listen to them daily and let them sink in! I'm also giving them to you in a PDF for easy reading. This PDF is handy if you'd like to re-record these powerful affirmations in your own voice or personalize them. (Note: If you do decide to re-use or re-record them, please do so for your own personal use, not for resale or inclusion in another product.)

It's Time for You to Shine! Get Your Copy Today!

"Become a Conduit of God's Love and Light" Recorded Affirmations

5 Minute MP3 with PDF of Affirmations

Only $4


become the confident youBecome the Confident, Capable You!

If you want to be successful in life or business, you need confidence. It takes confidence to make decisions, to trust your gut, to take some of the riskier leaps that life and business require. If your confidence is shot, you hesitate, miss windows of opportunity, and remain stuck in no-win situations. For more details, click here.

This Energy Shifting Program explores the top 7 confidence killers and uses powerful energy shifting techniques to remove them. Once you're reconnected with your confidence (or connected with it for the first time ever), your life will start changing for the better. You'll see greater success in your life and business.

Energy Shifting Program + PDF

Only $17.00

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