Imagine tapping into the mind of someone who has written and published over 24 books AND created multiple #1 Amazon Mover And Shakers and #1 Amazon Bestsellers. The trendsetter who created and programmed THE very first online article directory. Someone who co-created the first online mall back in 1996, and has been successfully selling info products online since 1994. Simultaneously rearing 6 beautiful, brilliant children!

Envision bringing one of the most innovative online marketers to the table to brainstorm your project or idea. Visualize being able to tap into the brain of someone known for her ability to implement ideas FAST, economically and effectively. Picture connecting with someone who could introduce you to the person you need to meet next to leverage your impact.

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  • Or mapping out your next steps for creating social engagement and building a platform

"I've played with Marnie in multiple playgrounds, as a contributor to her best selling book series, as a joint venture partner and as co-host for a LIVE event. She is one of the most creative/collaborative geniuses I know with a bandwidth of skills that will amaze and thrill you. Marnie is an extraordinary community leader. When you play with this gal you'll feel seen and heard, be light years ahead of the pack, and be more YOU than you've ever been before. You rock, Ms. Marnie!" Adela Rubio Build Your Tribe Mentor, BIG Shifts Coach and two-time Amazon Best Seller

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