Is Your Personal Life Adversely Affecting Your Business?

Most of business success is in your head. It's a mindset, a way of thinking.

  • It's your ability to set goals,
  • to stay on task,
  • to be consistent and
  • determined to follow through.
  • It's letting go of criticism,
  • not letting your daily life throw a monkey wrench into your business plans.
  • It's believing in yourself and what you do.
  • It's going the extra mile.
  • It's never giving up,
  • yet knowing when it's time to fold a hand.

crying babyYour Business Is Your Baby

There is one thing that nobody tells you when you start a business. It's that your business is a barometer of your emotions. Businesses are like babies. A calm mother tends to have calm babies. If she's stressed and anxious, her baby is screaming at the top of his lungs. It becomes a vicious cycle. The screaming baby makes the mother even more anxious and upset, which just makes the baby cry more.

Businesses are a lot like that. If you're going through something difficult in your personal life, it affects your business. It can be really difficult sometimes. If you're dealing with a blow to your confidence, health issues, trouble with your children, loss, grief, overwhelm, marital problems, etc. they can all wreak havoc on your business.

If you feel like your personal life could be adversely affecting your business, I invite you to book a business therapy session with me. Let's get to the root of those personal issues so you can start seeing better results in your business.

What's the difference between Energy Therapy and Talk Therapy?

Generally in "talk" therapy there is a lot of going over the same issues, which can take lots of time and many sessions. When working with energy, you don't have to relive every detail of a past trauma in order to release it from your system. Your inner wisdom already knows all the details; we just need to find the emotion(s) held with that memory. Through certain techniques, those emotions (anger, fear, betrayal, etc.) are released from the body AND the energy field. This doesn't erase the memory of the incident, but releases the emotional potency of it, so it is no longer a barrier in your life. Energy Therapy gets to the root of the problem on an energetic and emotional level effectively and efficiently.

I am a Certified SimplyHealed PractitionerTM and am trained in this form of energy therapy, which I also refers to as belief-shifting work.

Learn more about the science of energy work here.

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